Management at Integr8 FAX, believes its free fax-to-email solution, FaxM8, contributes significantly towards the global movement for environmentally-friendly ICT infrastructure. 

The company believes that renewed market interest in achieving a paperless business environment helps to elevate this value-add service based on the offer of lower flat rate for sending faxes.
“A user simply faxes a document to the fax-to-e-mail number, issued upon registration for the service, and this fax is sent through to the mail server at Integr8 IT. The server automatically converts the paper document into a Tiff file and this is then sent through as an e-mail to the intended recipient. It is a fast, secure and effective process,” explains Walter Bredell, sales manager at Integr8 FAX.
Robert Sussman, joint MD at Integr8 IT, points to the main benefits of significantly reducing paper use & wastage, lower maintenance and the removal of burden on electricity resource.
“Globally there is a renewed focus on environmentally conscious Information & Communication Technology offerings. FaxM8 supports the move towards a paperless environment and is based on ergonomic and environmentally-sound principles,” says Sussman.
“Aside from being a service that facilitates the convenience of faxes being transmitted and received in e-mail format, it eliminates the need for further investment in printer/copier solutions, paper and other necessary components such as ink,” he continues.
A recent media report posted on IT-Online ( suggested that Western Europe is ahead of other global regions in the implementation of ‘environmentally sustainable IT’. The report refers to commentary by Gartner analysts who say ICT is responsible for the same amount of CO2 emissions around the world as that produced by the aviation industry.
“This certainly puts the situation into perspective. We need to ensure that we do everything possible to counter any negative affects attributed to the impact of technology on the environment,” adds Sussman. “Initiating a change in operations through sustainable, pro-environment technology is certainly a very good starting point.”
To initiate the FaxM8 service, users should SMS their e-mail address to the number 32542.