Duxbury Networking has announced that from now on all Netgear ProSafe-branded products, including industry-leading switches, firewalls and wireless networking devices are to carry a lifetime hardware warranty. The ProSafe warranty is designed to instil peace-of-mind in small to medium sized business customers and make a definitive statement regarding quality and reliability.

“Everything happens online these days and businesses increasingly rely on network availability,” remarks Graham Duxbury, MD of Duxbury Networking. “Small to medium sized business customers are every bit as reliant on their networks being available as enterprise customers and can not afford to fall prey to faulty hardware. Reliability is key – and nothing says ‘reliable’ better than a lifetime warranty.”
The Netgear warranty covers hardware replacement including fan and internal power supplies which are usually not covered by vendor guarantees. This warranty remains in place from time of sale and for long as the original customer continues to own the product.
The warranty applies across the entire ProSafe range. This includes Netgear’s Layer 2 and Layer 3 managed switches, Smart Switches, unmanaged switches, wired and wireless VPN firewalls, VPN gateways, SSL VPN concentrators and wireless access points.
“The ProSafe range offers powerful, flexible and affordable networking solutions to small and medium sized customers,” explains Duxbury. “These products have been designed for ease of use and with an understanding that businesses grow – and network infrastructure needs to be scalable to accommodate this growth.”
He says that these factors make ProSafe a popular brand for SMME customers, but are now even more attractive given Netgear’s show of support and proof of reliability offered by the lifetime warranty of ProSafe products.
“Netgear is a leader in the small to medium sized enterprise market,” he continues. “Its dedication to delivering innovative, affordable and feature-rich networking products is largely responsible for this position. Netgear products are also known for reliability. Now customers can rest assured that their investments will be supported by Netgear for life, allowing them to focus on business with the peace of mind that their network will grow along with the organisation.”