Major music, movies, entertainment, digital music and games retail group Look & Listen has invested R1,8-millon in financial and accounting software. 

The Softline Accpac Retail Management System (RMS) includes 252 tills and facilitates inter-branch transfers (IBTs), point-of-sale (POS), Goods Received (GR), Purchase Order Projections (POP) and price management (PM).
The 17 Look & Listen Stores in major shopping centres countrywide and 32 Jive City outlets will run off-line and synchronise as required.
The 20-user Accpac financial and operations software suite includes an Accpac Insight business intelligence module for reporting and “dashboard” to deliver the right information at the right time in the right format for enlightened business decisions. An Accpac CRM (customer relationship management) module for retention marketing, business analytics and the administration of loyalty programmes is also being installed as a second phase.
Look & Listen CE Darren Levy says the Accpac purchase order projections functionality, which is currently being facilitated through custom in house systems, is a significantly helpful feature of the Accpac RMS solution.
“There is considerable variance in the tastes of our customer base from store to store in so far as music or movie genres are concerned. Now we have the ability to accurately order, replenish and monitor how stock is moving at every individual store and adjust our inventory accordingly. This is of great value to us.”