Mobile network operators want to offer customers a wide range of services, however a separate login procedure is often required for both the services as well as the access technologies supporting them.

This means unnecessary costs for the operator, a disappointing experience for the customer, and a reduced service uptake. Nokia Siemens Networks’ new Unified Attachment Node (UAN) cuts through the complexity by converging operators’ service and access control: one SIM card, one login fits all.
Access authentication is often tied to a particular technology, such as 3GPP, WLAN, WiMAX or xDSL. In addition, if a customer wants to use an application like video-on-demand via one of these technologies, he will be asked again for further authentication like a 16-digit credit card number.
Nokia Siemens Networks’ Unified Attachment Node (UAN) provides a unified access solution to cut through this complexity, providing authentication for several access technologies including WiMAX. Operators can use the SIM card for all these technologies, simplifying authentication challenges and leveraging their SIM assets.
Moreover, UAN re-uses the authentication data from SIM, giving consumers secure, “one-click-access” to third-party services from, for example, the Internet. This is realized by the so called “Bootstrapping” Server Function.
For mobile operators, simplified SIM-based authentication provides a new value point, enabling them to provide authentication for third parties, boost network traffic, and be part of a wider service value chain. For consumers, it means an easier way to tap new services.