The marine survey for Seacom, which was awarded to Tyco Telecommunications, will start in South Africa.
The marine survey vessel, a ship called the “Fugro Gauss” arrived in the Durban harbour last weekend and will start surveying the route along the eastern coast of Africa shortly.

The marine survey was awarded to Tyco Telecommunications by Herakles Telecom in early April 2007. The 13 000 km marine survey commences the development of the undersea fiber optic network which will provide high capacity bandwidth connectivity between South Africa, Madagascar, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, India and Europe.
Seacom will complement communication carriers of South and East Africa through the sale of wholesale international capacity to global networks eastward through India and westward through the Mediterranean.
The system will provide African retail carriers with equal and open access to inexpensive bandwidth, removing the international infrastructure bottleneck and supporting East and South African economic growth. Seacom intends to design, construct, own and operate a privately funded submarine fiber optic cable system.
“We are pleased by the progress made by Tyco Telecommunications,” explains Brian Herlihy, vice-president at Herakles Telecom. “The arrival of the Fugro Gauss in the Durban harbour to start the marine survey, which precedes the construction of the SEACOM cable, is a reassurance to the African communities which we serve of our commitment to construction deadlines.”
Michael Rieger, vice-president" sales, marketing and project management at Tyco Telecommunications, adds: "The team aboard the Fugro Gauss is doing an excellent job and we are satisfied with the progress to date. Developing the SEACOM cable is a priority to us, and we are making every effort to ensure timely completion of the marine survey."