Drive Control Corporation's (DCC) latest Overland Storage offering – the REO 1500 – extends the capabilities of its predecessor, the REO 1000, to deliver new levels of flexibility and performance. This includes five times faster backups as well as expedited restores of up to 2Tb of vital data.

The entry-level model also includes version 4.0 of Overland's REO Protection OS software for enhanced data protection intelligence and a more comprehensive set of options involving any combination of up to six VTLs, 32 virtual tape drives and 512 virtual cartridges. In addition, the REO 1500 offers many industry-leading features, such as:
* Compact 1U base unit holds 4×250 or 500GB SATA II drives;
* RAID 5 data protection;
* HTTPS secure management to streamline remote monitoring;
* Conforms to European Union RoHS compliance requirements;
* iSCSI connectivity; and
* Intuitive, browser-based GUI for simplified configuration and management.
"The REO 1500 will play a crucial role in helping small and medium-sized businesses solve the many problems caused by exponential data growth, shrinking backup windows and the growing demand for accelerated recovery," says Michael Kerman, vice president and chief strategy officer of Overland Storage. "Additionally, the REO 1500 accelerates the integration of complementary disk-to-disk-to-tape (D2D2T) data protection by easing the deployment challenges and reducing the cost of disk- and tape-based tiered storage solutions."
Dineo Mosupye, Overland Storage product specialist at DCC, adds: "Overland's solutions span three tiers of storage and are designed to work together seamlessly."
In addition to lowering the entry barriers to adoption of powerful D2D2T backup and recovery by making them an affordable option, Overland's REO 1500 has numerous advantages over other general-purpose disk-based backup systems. For example, the REO 1500 is not susceptible to common problems such as disk fragmentation, viruses, manual volume management, hackers, ongoing tuning or file system overhead.
Additionally, only REO SERIES appliances incorporate Overland's patent-pending Dynamic Virtual Tape (DVT) technology, which eliminates the manual effort and guesswork of sizing, configuring, provisioning and deleting virtual tape cartridges.
"Overland's Dynamic Virtual Tape is a unique and highly valuable feature that enables greater capacity utilization while simplifying management," says Brian Garrett, industry analyst for the Enterprise Strategy Group.