Nashua Mobile will be supplying an end-to-end telecom solution for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) "B" World Championships to be hosted in Cape Town from 26 June to 1 July.

The event is staged under the auspices of the UCI – the world governing body of cycling that is based in Aigle, Switzerland and accommodates professional and semi-professional track and road cyclists.
The event is normally staged the year before the Olympics to give nations where cycling is not considered to be a major sport an opportunity to qualify riders and teams for the Olympic Games. Past venues for the event include Ipoh, Malaysia in 1997, Beijing in China in 2001 and Aigle in 2003.
Nashua Mobile will be providing a complete ICT solution for the duration of the event to help organisers, media, and riders to stay in touch. The service provider will implement wireless and wired local area networks at four sites across the city and connect these networks up via a fibre optic backbone.
It will provide Internet access and hardware for the various pressrooms at the event, and will also supply 30 cellphones and talktime for the event coordinators. Nashua Mobile’s hotspots at the various outdoor and indoor venues for the event will allow media representatives from all around the world to easily file their copy and images.
Nashua Mobile is using a mixture of fixed-line and wireless technologies to build a flexible, cost-effective infrastructure in an aggressive timeframe.
Mark Taylor, MD of Nashua Mobile, says: "This event gives Nashua Mobile an ideal opportunity to showcase its strengths as an end-to-end telecom service provider. The solution we have put together draws on a range of wireless and fixed-line technologies, as well as a number of the networks that we partner with.
“Stable broadband connectivity is essential for the coordination of the event. The solution we have put together is designed to deliver the reliable, high performance connectivity that media representatives and race coordinators need to do their jobs.”