Pinnacle Micro, has signed a distribution agreement with EnGenius Networks Singapore, a provider in communications manufacturing industries for public service and in large enterprise networking systems, extending Senao product availability in sub-Saharan Africa.

Tiens Lange, networking brand manager at Pinnacle Micro says that, under the agreement, Pinnacle will distribute EnGenius’ full line of wireless LAN products in the region.
EnGenius offers a range of networking and connectivity products and is a dominant member of the WPABX, WLAN and PLAM (private local area mobile phone) market in the regions they cover.
Pinnacle will play host to EnGenius’ range of long range high-powered wireless solutions including the wireless PCI cards, USB adapters, Wireless indoor bridges and routers to name but a few.
“The EnGenius distribution agreement complements our existing line of networking solutions as their products fit in well with our offering assisting us in fulfilling our aims to become the ‘one stop shop’ solution for the SA IT channel,” says Lange. “Furthermore, this agreement has reinforced our commitment to provide solutions that represent value to our customers.”