Construction industry supplier Dome Glass & Aluminium Projects has invested in enterprise management software from HansaWorld to ensure it is ready for the opportunities presented by the 2010 construction boom.

The aluminium and glass manufacturer has grown rapidly since it was started in mid-2004, from a R2,5-million turnover for the first year to work on hand worth over R6-million for the first three months of the current financial year.
“With 2010 the market shows opportunities and we need to position ourselves suitably,” says MD Oeloff van den Heever. “You cannot start with a rigid system and expect to meet the changing demands, so we’ve decided to invest in a long-term solution. We’re looking to grow with the opportunities as they present themselves. This is why we’ve chosen HansaWorld.”
Van den Heever was introduced to HansaWorld by his auditors, and signed up in January 2007 after a demonstration in December 2006.
“The foundation of any business is proper staff and proper systems,” he says. “We tried different options, but we had to manipulate between different applications at once. It wasn’t user-friendly. There was never a single system that allowed us to handle projects from start to end. The construction market has been plagued by these problems for the past 32 years.
“HansaWorld CRM allows us to apply customer specific marketing to different customers – another feature which has never been available to us. The HansaWorld Business Organiser allows project managers to see the system via their cellphone from on site,” adds van den Heever.
Kevin Clarke, HansaWorld SA country manager, says: “Businesses across industries still look for affordable systems that are effective – and HansaWorld is able to deliver. As we approach 2010 the developments in construction present further opportunities for us.”