Annex Distribution, local supplier of ‘building blocks to the ICT industry, has put in place a gaming solution supply chain initiative aimed at the micro retailer.

The latest development will reinforce efforts by retailers to meet a growing demand for quality, affordable digital lifestyle and gaming product.
Annex has shipped in stock of internationally distributed gaming technology and infrastructure including consoles, related components and peripherals.
The product portfolio includes Microsoft X-BoxTM, Sony PlayStation 2; Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portabl.
The supply chain solution will offer retailers access to sound cards and speakers manufactured by Creative Lab, game pads and driver simulation pods produced by Logitech; as well as PC games and joysticks.
“We are proud to take this step to increase our contribution towards the growth of a strong and competitive segment of the market. The digital lifestyle space remains a key target market for Annex and there is significant business opportunity, especially for the independent retailer,” explains Wayne Britz, director at Annex.
The initiative is expected to continue on a long-term basis and the product line will be broadened as growth and innovation takes place in this market, as well as the anticipated demand from retailers.
“Obviously the retailer will have to keep up with change, innovation and level of technology development in this space to remain competitive. Our role is to facilitate the effective supply of required product. Direct access to stock and advice/support from Annex will certainly add value,” says Britz.