MiniPCs, or small form factor (SFF) PCs, are frequently regarded as an inferior solution to other computing solutions on the market; after all, why bother with a SFF PC when there are laptops on the market that are being sold at extremely competitive prices and can perform just as well, if not better than SFF PCs?

AOpen is challenging this common misperception with the release of their newest MiniPC, the MiniPC Duo MP945-VDR.
This MiniPC proves the saying that dynamite comes in small packages and features the latest mobile desktop – Mobility on Desktop (MoDT) technology while offering tremendous power and connectivity in a super compact, quiet, and low power consuming solution that measures just 165 x 165 x 51mm and weighs just 1,15kg.
This MiniPC from AOpen, which is being distributed locally by Corex, features support for Intel Core 2 Duo processors, dual-channel DDR2 SODIMM memory and a myriad of Input/Output and peripheral connectivity like DVI, 1394, and six USB 2.0 ports, two of which are onboard.
The MP945-VDR is also Microsoft Windows Vista premium and Intel Viiv ready solution, which means it is capable of functioning both at home, at the heart of an entertainment centre or as a compact, standalone everyday PC.
Matthew Hall, GM at Corex, comments: “The miniPC Series adopts MoDT technology to bring an optimum combination of performance and features into a super small form factor that is light in weight, power efficient and quiet running. Don’t be fooled by this PC’s compact size, rest assured that with Aopen’s continuous product development and R&D on the miniPC technology front, Aopen is able to integrate the newest CPUs and chipsets with expanded feature sets into the same original miniPC size.
"This is a PC that was conceptualised by directly inputting customer feedback into product development. The result is an impressive, “new generation” system with more multimedia power and increased flexibility than what people have come to expect in a MiniPC.”
The Aopen miniPC Duo MP945-VDR’s neat, stylish design and compact size means it blends in perfectly with any home entertainment setup. Because of its whisper quiet (26db) operation, it can be used in the living room, in the study, in a dorm room, or anywhere a noisy system is undesirable.
The MP945-VDR has a built-in infrared receiver and includes a remote control certified to work seamlessly with Microsoft Windows XP Media Center edition (MCE) and the Intel Viiv standard.
The appliance-like remote operation makes it easy to enjoy video, photos, music and games from anywhere in the room. The Aopen MP945-VDR lets you experience true home multimedia entertainment along with great PC performance.