ContinuitySA has become a strategic reseller for Cibecs, a company focused on providing continuity solutions for valuable information stored on desktops and laptops.

As a result of the alliance, ContinuitySA is now able to offer clients a data recovery solution that covers the enterprise from servers down to personal computers and laptops.
Research shows that between 60% and 80% of company information is still stored on individual users’ desktops and laptops. This means the risk of losing sensitive data in the event of a disaster is enormous.
“ContinuitySA’s business continuity services are designed to ensure a company can continue operating in the event of a disaster,” says Wayne Reed, business development manager at ContinuitySA. “Before our alliance with Cibecs, however, we were not able to ensure that information saved on desktop devices would be available in our offsite centres. Now we can.”
Cibecs Continuity is a software application which is fast, resource efficient and can be centrally configured and deployed to desktop and laptop computers. Cibecs automates the backing up of company information from these computers to a central server. Once set up the process is transparent and occurs automatically in the background while users are working.
Reed explains that once desktop data has been backed-up to a server, the server can be replicated to ContinuitySA’s offsite facility. Should a disaster strike, users will be able to log onto any computer at the recovery centre, restore the information and carry on working as usual.
“Cibecs Continuity provides scalable, enterprise-wide data protection and recovery,” states Richard Dewing, MD of Cibecs. “The application can be installed in small or large companies, allowing users to easily backup and restore personal information.” The advanced reporting functionality of Cibecs Continuity enables organisations to effectively monitor and report on user backups from a central console."
He adds that Cibecs Continuity is a low-bandwidth system that will not affect corporate network performance and retard the normal flow of business data. And since the backed up data is encrypted, it is secure. It is also compressed to ensure it does not make strenuous demands on the company’s storage infrastructure. Furthermore, daily backups are stored in an archive which enables the organisation to retain and recover multiple versions of files.
Reed stresses that ContinuitySA is not launching an online backup service. “We recommend users backup their data to local servers to facilitate easy recovery of files as and when the need arises. The replication to servers in our recovery facility is designed to provide an insurance policy in the event of a full-scale disaster that leaves the business unable to operate as normal.
The alliance with Cibecs is already in force. Cibecs Continuity allows users to work as they choose while ensuring their data is centrally stored and managed.