HP and AMD technology helped DreamWorks Animation SKG create the digital magic audiences are experiencing in “Shrek the Third,” released in South Africa’s cinemas on Friday.

HP ProLiant servers, workstations and notebooks powered by AMD64 processors enabled the creation of technically challenging, detail-rich images and effects in the latest film in the successful Shrek series. Additionally, producers benefited by using HP Halo Collaboration Studios to connect DreamWorks teams from across the globe in a live virtual environment.
During the film production process, HP ProLiant DL145 servers and HP xw9300 workstations powered by AMD Opteron dual-core processors provided DreamWorks Animation artists with the computing power necessary to render incredibly detailed characters and simultaneously work on props and environments at a faster pace.
For example, in a fraction of the time it previously took, artists were able to create the individual strands of hair in Merlin’s beard and Fiona’s hair, as well as the impressive magic spells seen in the movie.
“AMD and HP are examples of technology companies that stay in tune with the needs of the artistic community, anticipating and addressing the technology requirements that are essential to the animation experience,” says Jeffrey Katzenberg, co-founder and chief executive officer, DreamWorks Animation SKG.
“Thanks to AMD and HP’s ongoing support and innovative technology, our digital artists are able to push the boundaries of animation and inspire audiences.”
DreamWorks Animation used Halo Collaboration Studios to produce “Shrek the Third,” by connecting teams in Glendale and Redwood City, as well as international team members, so they could review the computer-generated characters using the system’s high-definition collaboration screen.
Additionally, DreamWorks Animation production management staff streamlined a variety of production activities by using HP nx6125 notebooks based on AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile technology.
These innovative technologies made it possible for DreamWorks Animation teams to work more collaboratively, while saving time and travel costs, helping DreamWorks to achieve its goal of producing two animated films per year.
“As DreamWorks’ preferred technology provider, HP recognises that innovative tools in the hands of innovative artists help to produce memorable films,” says Shane Robison, HP executive vice president and chief strategy and technology officer.
“With AMD’s dual-core processors powering our technology we have enabled DreamWorks to surpass the high standards of computer-generated filmmaking that it set with the first two ’Shrek’ films and create its most visually compelling story yet.”
In this latest chapter of “Shrek,” King Harold, Shrek’s new father-in-law, dies, leaving Shrek and Fiona to become the next rightful heirs to the throne of Far, Far Away. Unwilling to forego his beloved swamp, Shrek recruits Donkey and Puss in Boots to find Fiona's rebellious cousin, Artie, and install him as the new king. As the story unfolds, Shrek and pals embark on an adventure through magical lands.
“AMD’s leading-edge processor technology has enabled DreamWorks Animation artists to work at the speed of their imagination while constantly pushing the envelope in the field of digital animation,” says Imi Mosaheb, sales & marketing country manager at AMD.
“By collaborating with HP, we are able to provide new levels of computing power to the art of cinematic animation and stay true to our vision of delivering technology solutions that fuel artistic performance.”