Phoenix Software, one of the foremost software re-publishers, has been appointed as distributor of the BulkSMS product range.
BulkSMS is a leading wireless application service provider for BulkSMS solutions to businesses, organisations, schools and individuals in South African, the UK, Europe and the US.

BulkSMS offers a range of web-based solutions to make communication via SMS as easy and cost effective as possible. BulkSMS allows you to text messages instantly to groups or individuals via your internet connected computer.
BulkSMS Send messaging is the only medium that enables instantaneous notification of a targeted group of people, regardless of their location. The product range allows you to send web to SMS, Desktop to SMS, email to SMS, Http to SMS, and Incoming SMS.
“Phoenix Software are continually looking for new exciting partners. We are pleased to have been appointed as distributor of BulkSMS products,” states Simon Campbell-Young, CEO Phoenix Software. “BulkSMS lead in the field of wireless application service providers. They cover over 500 networks globally yet still offer high reliability and capacity."
Richard Simpson, manager of BulkSMS, adds: “We have chosen Phoenix Software as our distribution partner for RSA and the UK as they have a high profile in exactly the sort of channels that our products are best suited, namely the education, market, retail channel and business environments
“I am confident that this alliance will assist both companies in achieving their respective corporate objectives."