Novell has announced a new solution to help organisations enforce security policies at the most vulnerable location on the network, the endpoint.
Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management complements the existing Novell ZENworks product line by extending policy-based management to device security. The new solution enforces security policies to control device ports, wireless connections and applications, as well as to guarantee data encryption.

With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, customers can mitigate security threats and ensure compliance with regulations and enterprise policies.
"Many vendors continue to cobble together disparate technologies in an attempt to provide manageable endpoint security for heterogeneous IT environments, including mobile and wireless clients," says Charles Kolodgy, research director at IDC.
"Novell is instead entering the market with an innovative architecture that enables comprehensive and automated security policy management and enforcement on all clients."
The ubiquity of mobile computing and removable storage devices has increased the potential for security breaches from insecure devices (such as USB, Bluetooth and MP3), wireless access, unencrypted data, and malicious software. With ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, companies can now establish and enforce security policies down to the endpoints, protecting corporate resources without inhibiting their users' productivity.
The new solution goes beyond anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-malware software. ZENworks Endpoint Security Management automates the enforcement of corporate security policies, giving organisations control over their data and endpoint access while still allowing the safe use of removable drives and ensuring wireless security.
It is the only product on the market with Location-Aware Enforcement, an intelligent feature that prevents unauthorised access by automatically adjusting security controls and protections based on the user's location. It also includes a personal firewall, which controls the network traffic to and from a user's computer based on security policies.
"Businesses need solutions that give their employees the flexibility to do their jobs without exposing the entire network to the security threats and data breaches that mobile computing can invite," says Joe Wagner, general manager of Systems and Resource Management at Novell. "With Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, companies can ensure their systems and information are protected while enabling their employees to be productive in any location even if they are connected outside the firewall, wirelessly or without encryption."
Additionally, Novell now offers the Secure Desktop Solution, a new solution that combines the capabilities of ZENworks Endpoint Security Management with Novell ZENworks Asset Management and ZENworks Patch Management. This powerful solution completes the security lifecycle by automatically auditing, measuring and mitigating desktop security risks on a continual basis. This comprehensive approach to security and resource management maintains the integrity of an organization's IT systems and ensures end-user productivity.