IBM has benchmarked the performance of Infor CRM Epiphany beyond 10 000 concurrent users in a real world test. The evaluation verifies the scalability and performance of the industry-leading CRM solution for the most demanding and high-volume global implementations.

IBM’s scalability metrics benchmark tested Infor CRM Epiphany sales and service on their WebSphere application server, exceeding 10 000 concurrent users without any failures in a six hour test run.
IBM tested the solution based on information provided by one of the largest banking organisations in the world to establish business scenarios in three defined test scripts. The scripts were based on the level of detail and response required for a customer service representative to complete a customer interaction. These were comprised of 50 percent simple, 30 percent medium and 20 percent complex customer interactions.
Consistent customer interaction is a key differentiator many companies require as each enhances their service level to attract and retain customers. The contact centre is the single most important customer contact point for these companies. As the contact centre continues to grow and become a profit centre as opposed to a question and answer portal, the demands on CRM systems increase. Enterprises worldwide realise they require CRM solutions that can scale to meet the increasing demands and provide reliable and consistent customer communication.
“Infor CRM Epiphany is scalable to more than 150 000 interactions per day and is installed in some of the world’s largest contact centres,” says Gavin Kilfoil, regional manager: sub-Saharan Africa at Infor. “The benchmark results reinforce the solution’s ability to meet the challenges of the most demanding environments, and reassures our customers that they can have continuous, interactive customer dialogue without the concern of dropped calls.”
Infor is distributed in sub-Saharan Africa by Softworx.