Konica  Minolta  South Africa (KMSA) has been awarded Best Performer of the Year  by  Konica  Minolta  Business  Technologies Japan for the second consecutive  year.

The award acknowledged KMSA as the best performer ahead of  34  Konica  Minolta  distributors  based  in  the  “rest of the world”, including Oceana, Latin America, the Middle East and South East Asia.
KMSA  MD  Alan  Griffith  says  the  accolade  was bestowed for outstanding performance  in  the  sales and promotion of Konica Minolta multifunctional products  (MFPs)  in  2006.
“Factors  such as our leading 40% share of the colour  market  and  the  introduction  of high volume devices aimed at the light  production  print  market  certainly contributed to our success,” he says.
In  addition,  KMSA  was  placed amongst the top three distributors for the technical  training  its  employees  have  received.
“117  employees  have undergone  associate  service  engineering  training  and  20 employees are professional  service engineers, in line with Konica Minolta Japan’s strict certification standards,” says Griffith.
Fifteen  of  KMSA’s  colour representatives were placed amongst the top 100 colour   representatives   (rest   of   the  world)  and  the  Best  Colour Representative  award  went to KMSA’s Conrad van der Westhuizen, who sold a record-breaking  110 colour devices in six months. His nearest competitor, a Hong Kong representative, sold 16 devices.
Griffith  says  the large number of awards received by KMSA is testimony to the  exclusivity  of the bizhub brand in South Africa, the level of service KMSA offers and its investment in its people. “We have a large footprint of branches  and  dealers  nationwide  and unmatched expertise and after sales service  backed  up by a team of highly qualified and professional services engineers.
“The Konica Minolta bizhub range of MFPs is the best overall package on the South African market right now,” says Griffith.