Panda Software has entered a commercial alliance with Nero AG through which the two companies will jointly promote their solutions. 

Thanks to this agreement, Nero users in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa will have access to free versions of Panda security solutions, as well as Panda ActiveScan, the online antivirus scanner.
Similarly, Panda users will have access to demo versions of Nero AG multimedia solutions.
"Nero is pleased to join with Panda Software to offer a variety of useful features to increasing numbers of customers," says Patrick Peeters, GM: EMEA at Nero AG. "Now users of both Nero and Panda can enjoy tools that will enable them to get the most from their multimedia devices, as well as the maximum security to protect against Internet threats."
Jeremy Matthers, CE of Panda Software SA, adds: “Thanks to this agreement with Nero AG we will be making our solutions available to millions of users, who can now enjoy the most advanced protection for their computers. At the same time we will be able to offer our own clients the globally acclaimed Nero AG multimedia solutions."
Nero’s portfolio of products defines new levels of innovation in the company’s key areas of focus. Nero delivers digital media solutions through multimedia applications that let the user create, burn, edit, share, connect, and enjoy their data, audio, video, photo, and TV content.
Nero also provides world-class technology for encoding and decoding digital audio and video files into dynamic content that is functional across the spectrum of digital media devices from mobile phone displays to Full HD resolution.
Panda Software is one of the world’s leading developers of IT security products. Its commitment to the continuous innovation process has helped it develop the most advanced technologies for detecting and eliminating all types of Internet threats. This innovation can be best seen in its intelligent TruPrevent Technologies, or the use of ‘collective intelligence’ in its NanoScan and TotalScan online scanners.