Corex, one of South Africa’s leading computer components and distribution companies, in association with ASUS, has released the third-generation Black Pearl Special Edition P5K Premium motherboard, supporting the Intel Core2 Extreme / Core2 Quad /Core2 Duo chipsets.

The Black Pearl Special Edition P5K Premium motherboard utilises specially-designed technologies that enable the motherboard to provide overclocking up to 100% faster speeds in water-cooled systems.
The P5K Premium also comes with built-in native DDR2 1066 support with overclocking options to reach DDR2 1400. It also provides cooler operations, enhanced 8-channel HD Audio with built-in AI Audio 2 and a host of innovative tools.
The specific design for water-cooled solutions, keeps the motherboard 40-degrees lower than other thermal solutions. Basically, overclocking allows the processor to function at a faster speed, which is vital for today’s top-of-the-range PCs.
The PK5 motherboard supports DDR2 1066, which allows for better compatibility with the PK5, because it stores more memory. With the inclusion of ASUS’ exclusive Super Memspeed Technology, memory speeds can be automatically enhanced by 75%, up to DDR2 1400MHz.
The P5K Premium comes with built-in AI Audio 2, which is awesome because it features Sonic Focus Technology. Sonic Focus Technology is able to restore and compensate for clarity and quality of compressed audio (up to eight channels) in all movies, music and games.
Furthermore, it provides users with stereo to multi-channel sound field expansion. This creates realistic front and rear environments during the running of all multimedia or gaming applications.
Another great feature of Sonic Focus Technology is virtualised surround sound (six or eight channels to stereo) – which adds further vocal clarity for use with stereo speakers or headphones. It is especially designed for the Windows Vista environment; with the technology allowing users to experience crisp and clear sounds right out of the box for digital home entertainment purposes.
ASUS tops other motherboards because it has quiet thermal solutions ( 8 phase power design, Stack Cool 2 and Heat Pipe Design functions) that allow for cooler operations. Complementing all these features are ASUS's innovative tools like AI Slot Detector – providing convenient installation for the user.
ASUS is a leading brand in the computing world and Corex is dedicated to giving consumers the best when it comes to quality.