Official AirLive distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has released the AirLive range of wired printer servers, P-203N, P-201U and P-201 which enable resellers to offer a cost-effective networking solution for today's multiple printer environments.

Already available to local businesses, the AirLive printer servers offer a number of important benefits that enhance office environments without the resultant capital outlay.
Explains Pierre Holtzhausen, networking specialist at DCC: "By utilising the AirLive range wired servers businesses can effectively provide their various printers with networking abilities.  Investing in network-enabled printers can be a costly exercise which is why networked environment enabled by a server is a feasible alternative."
The AirLive P-203N, for example, is an advanced printer server equipped with 2 USB 2.0/1.1 ports and a high speed bi-directional parallel ports. It offers multi-protocol support that includes  TCP/IP, NetBEUI, IPX/SPX, Rendezvous, AppleTalk and IPv6  which ensure compatibility with most Windows, Unix, and Macintosh-based platforms.
The P-203 N supports both peer-to-peer and server-based printing. LAN users, for example, can connect directly with the print server to execute printing jobs (peer-to-peer printing); or they can send print jobs first to a server (queuing jobs) and allow the server to connect with the print server to execute the printing jobs.
Furthermore, the printer server can act as a DHCP server – allowing LAN users to automatically obtain an IP address – or as a DHCP client which allows for easy integration into the existing network.
The AirLive P-201U is equipped with 1 USB 2.0/1.1 port and also offers support for multiple protocols as well as peer-to-peer and server-based printing.  Additionally, it acts as a DHCP server and DHCP client.
Lastly, the AirLive P-201 features one 1 parallel port.   Again, the print server offers multiple protocol, peer-to-peer and server-based printing support as well as DHCP server and DHCP client functionality.