Cashbuild, the Gauteng-based global retailer of building materials and associated products, has reinforced the management of its HR and payroll disciplines with the help of its business partner Accsys, national provider of HR and payroll management solutions.

Currently the retail chain boasts a staff compliment of 3283 personnel across its growing business network of 161 stores. Recent media reports indicate management’s objective of expanding this reach, possibly to around 300 outlets.
Pat Goldrick, CE at Cashbuild, reflects on the company’s decision to appoint Accsys as its HR & payroll services partner of choice: “We have an established relationship with Accsys. In this time the company has been professional and has demonstrated a thorough understanding of the profession.”
The two companies initiated a business relationship when Cashbuild made the decision to change its payroll system in 2003 and selected Accsys as its preferred payroll/HR solution provider.
“Our market covers six countries including Botswana; LeSotho; Malawi; Namibia; South Africa and Swaziland. Accsys has been instrumental in ensuring the success of this development within our HR management process. As our strategic partner Accsys set up the system effectively with due consideration to company policy, labour legislation and calculation requirements,” explains Magda Jacobs, payroll department manager, Cashbuild.
“This process incorporated the appropriate leave profiles, overtime calculations, medical aid and funeral scheme tables for all countries,” adds Jacobs.
“Accsys is a user friendly and easy to manage payroll system.  Monthly reporting, audit reporting and service to the staff has improved.  The payroll department has won the "Department of the Year" award two years running and part of the success is the easy access to data, excel reporting, support from Accsys and the hands-on training received,” she adds.
The payroll solution, combined with the HR software and related services, provided by Accsys has served as a sound technical platform through which Cashbuild continues to effectively orchestrate and administer its HR strategy.
“We are certainly on the road to more effective management of our people, but there have to be records and controls along the route to monitor what we have achieved. We want to be able to see what systems are out there, how they work and how we can use systems that currently exist without having to create our own. Our primary requirement was a vanilla system that would take us through the different processes,” adds Goldrick.
These processes include recruitment and placement, incorporating the screening of applicants, and combining this with a communication & follow up procedure that can be audited.
According to Goldrick, the company has a vested interest in measuring the reaction of the marketplace in terms of people wanting to join the company, general level of interest and requirements.
“Once an offer had been made, we wanted to use the system to issue contracts, to make sure individuals are inducted into the company properly and then continue to track their progress from the time they join the company and then further into their career in terms of qualifications, courses and business opportunities,” adds Goldrick.
Further more the company required a system that could help it capture and apply all the necessary information related to legislation, including employment equity.
“Rather than having different ways of capturing this information, we wanted it to be captured centrally at store level and then via the stores to our support office. The technology we have in place allows us to leverage off a complete view of the resources we have available, what requirements there are for specific business opportunities and what training has to be provided. It is a solution that develops alongside the company and supports its growth,” says Goldrick.
Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys, is pleased about the value that Cashbuild has derived from Accsys HR & payroll solutions and services.
“We have established a long-standing relationship with Cashbuild and the solution that we are implementing with their top down total commitment to the processes exemplifies the difference that reliable technology and management buy in can make within a corporate retail environment. We look forward to many more years of service to our client,” Schroenn says.