Disturbing noise produced by servers is a thing of the past, as Fujitsu Siemens Computers announces the Tower Server Primergy TX120 model – the world's first server designed for offices that do not have a separate server room.

Just like its bigger brothers, the Primergy TX120 offers full functionality, while also meeting the special needs of smaller businesses and SOHOs (small offices and home offices): low energy consumption, compact design, low noise levels and lower-than-standard levels of heat output. The Primergy TX120 is available immediately.
In a world dominated by digital technology, a reliable and accessible IT infrastructure is today required by companies of all sizes across almost all industries, including medical practices, law firms, architects' offices, insurance brokers, freelancers and small retail outlets – as well as branch offices of larger companies . The Primergy TX120 is designed to meet the special needs of small businesses by providing applications, buffering data, storing backups and providing Internet/Intranet access.
There are three factors that make the TX120 from Fujitsu Siemens Computers an SME proposition:
* Lower energy use. Running on highest configuration the TX120 consumes 40% less energy than conventional tower servers. At full load, equipped with the Dual-Core Intel Xeon UP processor, the maximum active power is 163 watt. At average electricity prices, the TX120 can achieve substantial energy cost savings.
* Smaller size. The Primergy TX120 is only one-third the size of standard tower servers. The compact housing measures just 99mm by 340mm by 399 mm (WxHxD).
* Lower noise levels. The TX120 is the quietest server in its class, with noise emissions 50 percent lower than standard tower servers – a factor that is particularly important for offices without a separate server room. The Primergy TX120 produces 28 decibels (dB) while idling and 31 dB in operation, meaning that staff can work without disturbance.
The Primergy TX120 ships with Primergy Server View Remote Management functions, enabling flexible, secure and economical management of the server from any location at any time. The presence of a local administrator is no longer necessary, which is a further benefit for branch offices and internal workgroups within a company.
Technical details include:
* Dual-Core Intel Xeon UP processor with up to 4Mb SLC and 1066 MHz FSB or Intel Celeron
* Faster and more memory (4 DIMMs up to 8Gb) with ECC;
* Four-port SAS controller with RAID 0, 1, 1E functionality;
* Up to two (four) hot-plug SAS hard disks;
* Integrated Remote Management Controller (iRMC) with iRMC Advanced Pack option; and
* Gbps Ethernet Controller onboard plus Service LAN for iRMC.