Symantec has announced the latest release of Veritas NetBackup, the market-leading enterprise data protection solution.

Veritas NetBackup offers the industry’s only platform to unite leading next-generation data protection offerings including tape, virtual tape libraries (VTLs), disk backup, data deduplication, continuous data protection (CDP), snapshots and replication – across all major vendors.  
To support this platform, NetBackup 6.5 introduces a host of new features and enhancements including native disk-based backup, data deduplication, deep integration with intelligent backup appliances and VTLs, heterogeneous snapshot management, granular recovery for critical applications and virtual machines, and innovative new licensing and pricing programmes.
Symantec has unified its enterprise data protection technologies into a single flagship offering — the NetBackup platform, a single solution for centralised, end-to-end management of heterogeneous data protection technologies.
Many enterprises are interested in deploying next-generation data protection technologies, but have been reluctant to do so because of the complexity introduced by numerous disparate point products – each with their own agents, policies, schedulers, recovery processes, user interfaces and reporting tools.
With the NetBackup platform, enterprises get the best of both worlds:  unprecedented choice and flexibility to select best-of-breed technologies in replication, snapshots, CDP, data deduplication, encryption, virtual tape and traditional tape – either from Symantec or leading third-party storage vendors.  
In addition, the NetBackup platform provides a single tool to manage all these various vendors and technologies, which means a single approach to agents, policy management, recovery processes, security, backup reporting and the data catalogue.
By deploying the NetBackup platform, enterprises can reduce data loss, operating costs, backup windows, recovery time and the data footprint for backup operations while enhancing manageability and their confidence in meeting internal and external compliance requirements. The NetBackup platform is differentiated in a number of key respects from its competitors.
Rather than offering separate, isolated tools to enable advanced new capabilities like data deduplication, enterprise reporting, disk backup, and CDP, NetBackup integrates and delivers all these features as part of NetBackup. Second, in addition to these native, integrated capabilities, the NetBackup platform is unmatched in its broad support for managing and controlling a wide variety of advanced data protection technologies from third party vendors.
As the cost of high capacity disk continues to fall, more storage professionals are leveraging disk as a core element of their enterprise protection strategy to improve backup operations, speed recovery and shrink backup windows.  NetBackup 6.5 features four new capabilities that allow users to take full advantage of the power of disk-based data protection:
* Native data deduplication that can be leveraged by the entire NetBackup environment extending from desktops and laptops, to remote office servers, to enterprise data centres;
* Native disk backup capabilities which enable pooling, sharing and backup over the SAN to a large pool of shared disk;
*  Deep integration with intelligent backup appliances and VTLs; and
* Heterogeneous snapshot and CDP management.
NetBackup integration with such intelligent backup appliances is even further enhanced through the OpenStorage Option, which leverages Symantec’s innovative OpenStorage API, allowing intelligent backup appliances to integrate natively with NetBackup.
An industry first, the OpenStorage API enables NetBackup to treat these devices as disk, enabling users to take full advantage of the performance and features offered by disk while at the same time relying on NetBackup as the single interface to control and manage these advanced capabilities.  
Announced in late 2006, the OpenStorage program demonstrates Symantec’s commitment to offer the industry’s deepest integration with intelligent disk devices and has garnered support from nearly every major vendor of intelligent backup devices.
“Disk is fundamentally changing the data protection landscape,” says Sheldon Hand, storage specialist at Symantec Africa. “NetBackup 6.5 enables customers to unlock the full potential of disk for increased flexibility and performance in backup and recovery, while providing a single platform to manage across all the exciting new technologies driving the next generation of data protection.”
Responding to the growing popularity of virtual machines and the challenges associated with backing up those environments, NetBackup 6.5 delivers a comprehensive solution for VMware protection, providing consolidated backup, granular file-level and image-level recovery from a single backup, and deduplication for VMware backups.
NetBackup leverages VMware Consolidated Backup, a capability provided by VMware, to guarantee consistency and remove the backup burden from the primary VMware server host.  NetBackup 6.5 also goes a step further, by introducing a breakthrough capability to enable a single image-level backup to deliver both full-image or granular file-level recovery.  
Finally, VMware backups can be performed to tape or disk, and can apply the new PureDisk Deduplication Option for deduplication and replication of VMware backups. This comprehensive approach enables fast, low-impact VMware backups and data deduplication, and at the same time delivers unprecedented flexibility to restore the entire virtual machine or individual files, all through a single backup process.
“NetBackup 6.5 improves recovery time for many key enterprise applications by offering granular recovery of files and objects to allow businesses to get up and running fast in the wake of an outage,” says Hand. “For Microsoft SharePoint environments, NetBackup 6.5 offers database and document-level recovery from the same backup, eliminating the need for multiple backups of the same system.
"For Microsoft Exchange environments, NetBackup provides an instant recovery feature that enables administrators to recover from a disk-based snapshot, enabling faster recovery and minimising disruptions.”