The first-ever open beta program for AIX, the company's open standards-based Unix operating system, is now available for download.

This latest edition, AIX 6 exploits the technology of the recently announced Power6 microprocessor, the world’s fastest chip, leveraging advances in energy conservation and virtualisation technology.
AIX runs on IBM’s System p Unix servers, based on Power technology. This latest release of the AIX operating system is being designed to deliver new capabilities for virtualisation, security, near continuous availability, and manageability, some of the key features IBM is planning for AIX 6 include:
* Workload partitions, a software-based virtualisation technology that reduces the number of operating system images that have to be managed when consolidating workloads to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs;
* Live application mobility – a way to relocate running workload partitions between servers without restarting the application, causing minimal disruption for the end user;
* Role-based access control, a security enhancement that enables administrators to grant authorisation for management of specific AIX resources to users;
* A variety of features designed to improve the manageability and continuous availability of the operating system and applications.