Konica Minolta Printing Solutions Europe is supporting Microsoft’s Windows Vista Operating System by providing compatible printer drivers for a broad range of their colour and monochrome laser printers.

Vista printer drivers for the following models are available for download on the Konica Minolta website: magicolor 2; magicolor 2+; magicolor 2210; magicolor 2300DL; magicolor 2300W; magicolor 2350; magicolor 2400W; magicolor 2430DL; magicolor 2450; magicolor 2480MF; magicolor 2530DL; magicolor 2500W; magicolor 2550; magicolor 330; magicolor 3100; magicolor 3300; magicolor 5430DL; magicolor 5440DL; magicolor 5450; magicolor 5550; magicolor 5570; magicolor 6100; magicolor 7300; magicolor 7450; PagePro 1110; PagePro 1200W; PagePro 1250W; and PagePro 1250E.
For a full listing of Windows Vista compatible printers and printer driver downloads, access the Konica Minolta website.