The new Ellipse MAX Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) family has been released by MGE Office Protection Systems, promising sophisticated yet affordable power protection for high-end PCs, workstations and/or entry level servers.

Christelle Larkins, area manager: South Africa, East Africa and Indian Ocean, MGE Office Protection Systems, explains that the Ellipse MAX UPSs are a unique solution in the market because of their Advanced Surge Reduction (ASR) function: “The built-in ASR capability protects telephone, broadband and Ethernet 10/100 MB communications. It thus provides comprehensive cost-effective protection against all types of damaging power surges that can be transmitted to sensitive workstations and servers.”
Certified as meeting the IEC 61643-1 standard, the AVR also automatically corrects power supply voltage without using the UPS battery, thus prolonging the life of the battery.
Specially designed to meet the demands of small and mid-sized businesses, the Ellipse MAX is an affordable yet comprehensive solution for protecting power-hungry workstations and servers. With its USB or serial port connectivity, line-interactive topology, and Advanced Surge Reduction, users now have a feature-rich solution for a myriad of power problems.
"Ellipse MAX thus gives professional users the best service/price ratio for a product that combines ASR surge protection, line-interactive technology and 2U rack installation – all for the first time,” says Larkins.
With an extra-thin configuration that can be installed under a monitor either vertically or in a rack, the Ellipse MAX is available in five models – offering users a choice of between 600VA/360W and 1500VA/900W. Each model features a simple connection system, with connections via four or eight standard sockets (FR, DIN, universal, IEC).
For USB models, the Ellipse MAX range offers a combined USB/serial port for communication between the UPS and the computer. With MGE’s Personal Solution-Pac 2 software, numerous administration options are available for simple, intuitive management of essential or advanced functions such as alarms, hibernation, automatic restart and system shutdown.
And, if all of this isn’t enough to convince you, MGE Office Protection Systems is backing the sale of all Ellipse MAX UPSs with a two-year warranty (batteries included). An extended warranty is available as well. With such advanced features and benefits, the Ellipse MAX series looks set to make its mark in South Africa – and stop power surges in their tracks.