Teryl Schroenn, MD at Accsys, an HR and payroll software management specialist, has confirmed that the company will sponsor an e-learning bursary, valued at R21 000, as a prize to be drawn at the annual South African Payroll Association Conference in September. 

Accsys is an accredited member of the South African Payroll Association and is represented at executive level within the not-for-profit organization, established to increase levels of professionalism within payroll administration.
As a specialist within the provision of management software to help businesses tackle the payroll challenge, Accsys has a vested interest in contributing towards this process.
Schroen suggests that the growth and development of the profession is heavily dependent on the introduction of more skills and e-learning is proving to be an effective means of addressing the shortage.
“There is no doubt that the industry is in dire need of additional skills. E-learning has emerged as a popular means of acquiring certification that is recognized in the profession. The reasons for this is because it is a virtual learning environment, not hampered by issues such as travel, time, resources, access to institutions, class attendance and other logistic considerations,” says Teryl.
Accsys gained a strong foothold within payroll education when it developed and introduced the first online payroll qualification available in Africa. The company has since incorporated e-Learning as a key driving force behind its overall offering to market.
“We are proud to be associated with the Payroll Association and to present the conference forum with this wonderful prize. It is our way of supporting the Association and its members in their ongoing effort to improve payroll-related service levels, expertise, processes and processes. The provision of e-Learning expertise, course content and management is a very exciting process, the benefits of which we will continue to push to market,” Teryl adds.