The uptake of 3G and the requirement for redundancy is growing. This has prompted Billion to make ADSL and 3G connections available with the introduction of the new wireless Billion 7300GX, a 3G/HSPDA ADSL2+ router. This will allow users to switch over to the second connection in the event of failure of the first.

Made available exclusively by Nology, a distributing agent of broadband networking solutions, the Billion 7300GX is an all-in-one compact router that allows users to optimise the benefits of ADSL and 3G by making both connectivity options available on one device.
The router allows for continuous, redundant connectivity – if an Internet connection goes down, the user has the option to switch to GSM, alleviating any disruptions as a result of connectivity downtime.
In a similar way that 3G cards are available to laptops, the device includes a Cardbus slot for inserting a 3G/HSDPA PC card to access mobile networks at up to 14.4Mbps, as well as an 802.11g Wireless Access Point.
Says Riaan Leuschner, MD at Nology: "The benefits are tremendous. With proliferation of 3G in our country, users can now truly reap the benefits of wireless access. The Billion 7300GX enables companies to use both connectivity options to benefit their operations as well as minimise possible downtime issues.
"Indeed, with BMI-TechKnowledge predicting that local ADSL and 3G with HSDPA will each account for a million subscribers by 2010, the Billion 7300GX is undoubtedly offering users the best of both worlds."
The Billion 7300GX features integrated wireless security (WPA/WPA2), rich Firewall security features such as SPI, DoS attack prevention and URL Content Filtering.
The router complies with worldwide ADSL standards. It supports downstream rate up to 12/24Mbps (with the latest ADSL2/2+, 8Mbps with ADSL) and upstream rate up to 1Mbps.
Providing further convenience and mobility, all Billion devices run on 12 volts, allowing users to operate their device with a car adapter, which is also included with the product.
Future developments include failover capabilities with online firmware upgrades at no cost.