SMC Networks has extended its IP telephony line with a new desktop SIP phone. The solution, available to the local market through SMC Networks South Africa, is aimed at the small-to-medium segment of the market.

The SIPv2 compliant TigerVoIP desktop phone SMCDSP-200 supports Power over Ethernet, combines a tqo-port 10/100Mbps switch and is configurable with up to three SIP user accounts.
It also offers supplementary call services including call waiting, call hold, call transfer and call forwarding, whilst enabling the user with three way conferencing, call recording and auto provisioning. The desktop VoIP phone can be used with SIP based Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSP) to make and receive calls over the internet.
When used with an ITSP, the TigerVoIP DSP-200 enables users to make reduced rate calls to the traditional phone network and free calls over the Internet. Small businesses can also make free calls between global branch offices when using it in conjunction with SMC’s TigerVoIP IP PBX (SMCPBX10).
“The desktop SIP phone provides an inexpensive and easy transition to IP telephony with excellent voice quality,” says Paul Luff, country manager at SMC Networks South Africa. “The level of interest in VoIP is growing as the market experiences a surge in broadband availability and there is a clear demand for easily integrated, easily managed and cost effective solutions, especially from this area of the marketplace.”
The auto provisioning feature of the TigerVoIP PBX allows you to centrally manage user accounts and automatically provision phone settings without needing to manually configure them individually.
 “With the TigerVoIP phone, small and medium businesses can enjoy the benefits of VoIP telephony using power from any network connection,” says James Harris, Product Manager, SMC Networks.  With auto configuring and a web based management interface, the phone is also very easy to set up and manage.