Laser Facilities, the local electronic print and document management outsourcing specialist, has completed a R13-million implementation of an additional seven high-speed printers and upgraded the software on several of its existing printers in operation at the company's Johannesburg headquarters.

The equipment is used to produce more than 30-million images per month, double the output produced on the older machines.
"In our line of business it is particularly important to keep up to date with technology as it directly influences what we can give our customers, how quickly we can do it, and what extra benefits we can throw into the deal," says Konni Hoferichter, divisional manager of Laser Facilities.
"The quicker turnaround time we can achieve and the higher the capacities we can efficiently handle, the greater the service we can offer our customers. As a division of Bytes Technology Group, we ardently apply the mission of 'helping our customers to do better work'. The recent upgrade is testimony to this."
The company runs 19 printers at its Johannesburg office. The Xerox machines offer print speeds from 180 pages per minute (ppm) cut sheet to 850ppm continuous sheet. They also print 180ppm in highlight colour and are capable of printing a range of new data formats, including fully composed PDFs, postscript and PCL formats.
The new equipment has been put to use on several special projects such as the printing of barcoded voter registration documents for elections on the continent and examination papers for Education Authorities. It will also be used to better meet the demands of the company's growing customer base.
"The new machines are faster, with more advanced software and they allow us to accept a broader range of customer applications and requests," Hoferichter says. "There is little in the way of document output that we cannot offer to our clients."