The local IT security market is moving towards a more consolidated enterprise risk management service, writes Clint Carrick, CEO at Carrick Holdings.

The trend reflects an uncompromising stance by most businesses towards higher levels of corporate governance and vulnerability management.
Decision makers are now looking to adopt a more centralized and wholistic approach to processes and procedures involved in guarding the organization against the risk of threats (be they internal or external).
This route to enhanced governance is being extended to all levels of the IT security strategy and we are now seeing the results, one of which is the improvement in end point security management.
And the end justifies the means – the quest for improved control over the organisation and tactful approach to security is fueled by compliance with regulation, including the need to conduct regular audits of the complete communication process.
Cost and expedience also represent two main driving forces behind this growing trend, with technology as a key enabler. Solutions that help decisions manage all processes, capture every document and meet key requirements towards governance now spearhead the industry.
It speaks volumes of the extent to which the security market has matured.
Technology is considered crucial because it is the catalyst for streamlined asset identification and classification, risk & volume application within a business. And decision makers are eyeing out the opportunity that resides in outsourcing.
Organisations that outsource the IT security function of their business realize that it is far more cost effective and convenient to acquire a comprehensive service package and delivery from one provider. This is seen as a far more effective way of managing network security risk exposure.
It no longer makes financial or business sense to outsource one aspect of IT security – and then attempt to safeguard other considerations in-house.
The fact is that IT security is a great deal more sophisticated today and topics/issues are vast. Whilst awareness levels have grown as a result, to most organisations/ companies, IT security remains a challenge.