The gateways, D-Link DSA-6100 Wireless Access Controller and DSA-3600 Multi-Service Business Gateway, provide comprehensive user management controls, and support simultaneous internal and external user authentication, multiple authentication methods, role-based and policy-based access control and detailed per-user traffic analysis reporting for bandwidth monitoring.

“The D-Link DSA-6100 is a business-class wireless service gateway designed to provide support for link failover and Internet connection redundancy for environments such as central offices, hotels, food chains, museums, hospitals, communities, hot spots, and campus operation centres," says Tobie van Schalkwyk, country manager of D-Link South Africa.
"The DSA-3600 on the other hand is designed as a pre-integrated multi-service appliance to minimize the complexity of integrating and configuring multiple networking devices for a small and medium business operational environment.
"The reason for the two different gateways is to cater for different business requirements and operational needs relative to the number of users being managed while at the same time providing shared functionalities within each gateway.”
The DSA-6100 provides role-based user management using individual profile criterion, protects wireless and wired networks using pass-through security authentication, and enables wireless roaming while providing unauthorized user isolation. It supports various service aggregators, such as RADIUS, LDAP, POP3 and Windows domain, and capacity of up to 500 concurrent users, 2500 local accounts, and 2000 on-demand instant guest accounts.
Designed for medium to enterprise wireless network environments, the DSA-6100 comes with 4 x Gigabit Ethernet interfaces, 400 Mbps throughput per Ethernet port, and supports up to 64 IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging. It replaces D-Link DSA-5100 AirSpot Gateway to provide new and enhanced capabilities in managing wireless and wired networks access for multi-level users using customizable solution, comprehensive security features, effective user management, and flexible accounting engine. As a Layer-3 appliance, it supports integration with Layer-3 devices, including D-Link DWR-500 Outdoor Wireless Mesh Router.
Additional features, such as access point (AP) Management and Outbound Load Balancing, will also be available with DSA-6100 in a future firmware release.
The DSA-3600 provides comprehensive access point (AP) management with centralized remote control, thus eliminating the need to configure each device individually. Built-in automatic discovery identifies manageable APs and adds them to the device list. With remote status monitoring of managed APs and associated client stations, the DSA-3600 enables the efficient utilization of network resources, and provides system alarms and statistics reports on managed APs, with support of capacity up to 120 concurrent users, 500 local accounts, and 1000 guest accounts.
Designed for small and medium business operational environment, the DSA-3600 is a pre-integrated multi-services appliance that reduces the need to acquire multiple networking devices to provide a complete solution, thus minimizing the complexity of integrating and configuring multi-devices. It delivers reliable and cost-effective services to Small to Medium-size Business (SMB) and enterprise branch office, and can be installed, operated, and maintained from a single secure interface, which makes it ideal for quick and easy deployment, without the need for complex IT expertise.