In an effort to simplify software licensing and enhance business flexibility, CA has introduced "Managed Capacity Licensing", a simple and cost-effective alternative to more traditional licensing models.

With Managed Capacity Licensing, organisations can purchase their software licensing based on the amount of data they are managing (in terabytes) on an annual basis.
Organisations will – over this 12-month period – receive all their license keys for the entire IT environment – not just for existing clients, servers, applications and devices but also for those not planned for.
Importantly, when the renewal data approaches CA will audit an organization's usage and provide a new Managed Capacity License based on its current needs.
CA Managed Capacity License offers local businesses a flexible and easy to manage alternative.  It essentially enables an organisation to use licenses as it grows and its subsequent needs or operating systems change. It also improves organizational productivity, as the process is easier to manage and requires fewer resources," explains Dineo Mosupye, CA product specialist DCC.
Mark Esslemont, channel account manager at CA, comments: "We have seen a positive response to this new licensing model in international and local corporate and government institutions alike. Ernst & Young AG had to purchase licenses and maintenance agreements on an ad hoc basis to manage its growing storage infrastructure. By using CA's BrightStor Managed Capacity Licensing, Ernst & Young AG has been able to control costs and simplify license management while ensuring availability and safety of critical corporate data.
"Indeed, with many organizations dedicating entire teams to software licensing compliance, the CA Managed Capacity License model is undoubtedly a viable alternative."
A distinct advantage to end users of CA's software is that they qualify for discounts if they move from a competitive brand or product to the CA suite of products.
Products included in the suite incldue CA ARCserve Backup for Windows, CA ARCserve Backup for Linux, CA ARCserve Backup for Netware, CA ARCserve Backup for Unix (AIX / HP-UX / Solaris / Tru64), CA ARCserve Backup for Laptops & Desktops and CA Storage Resource Manager.