Tarsus Technologies has announced the local availability of Lenovo's updated T61 ThinkPad, sporting a wider screen, new polycarbonate casing, an improvement in battery life and a choice of Intel's new Centrino Duo or Centrino Pro chipset, based on the Santa Rosa platform.

Brett Walter, Lenovo business unit manager at Tarsus says the T61 range is more than just a perfect solution for mobile warriors. "It's a certified mobile workstation," he says.
"More versatile than any other notebook in its price/performance bracket, the T61 features an extensive array of peripheral connectivity options, the fastest wireless LAN technology available, class-leading security features, ample storage capacity and even Intel's TurboMemory caching technology, which makes a substantial difference to the time taken to boot, suspend and resume, as well as the basic performance of application and document retrieval functions.
"Companies also get to choose between the pure performance of the improved Intel Centrino Duo platform (with faster processors, bus speeds and other significant enhancements), or the new Centrino Pro platform, which takes everything brought to the market by the Centrino Duo platform and adds remote manageability, self-healing functionality and numerous other IT-shop centric features that go a long way towards reducing the total cost of ownership of notebooks in the workplace," he adds.
Walter says that looking at the hardware spread set out in the T61 range, Lenovo has spared nothing to bring the most feature rich and capable notebook to the business space.
He also highlights the fact that although TurboMemory is simply an optional extra for most other OEMs, it is an intrinsic part of the T61's hardware make-up, giving users a strong indication of Lenovo's standpoint on system design while providing an appropriate level of functionality to the end user.
"Buyers will also be hard pressed to find a competitor to the T61 in the price stakes," he adds. "Performance is so much more than an impressive item on a specifications list today," he says, "since it's not only the inclusion of class-leading components that contributes towards a computer's performance, robustness and reliability, but rather how those components are combined to glean the maximum from them.
"Lenovo's ThinkPad architecture team has been renowned for their ability to remain ahead of the game in this regard for some time now. With the T61, it's clear that they have maintained that edge," he says.
The Lenovo ThinkPad T61 notebook is available at a recommended retail price of R13 499.00 including VAT.