Canon SA has been awarded its ISO 14001 environmental accreditation following a stringent auditing process last week.  Globally, Canon was recently rated the top climate-friendly company in North America and the UK.

In support of its local environmental and accreditation efforts, the company also recently launched its Environmental Management System (EMS) Project which is based on the fundamentals of Canon Inc’s Environmental Charter.
Canon aims to harmonise environmental and business interest through all its activities.  This includes the development of products that have less environmental impact through innovative improvements in resource efficiency.
Canon SA’s EMS project will among others endeavor to create an environmentally conscious culture amongst Canon employees and spread this influence to business partners and customers.
The project will also work closely with local environmental authorities to promote low energy consumption, recycling and disposing of E-Waste and generally reduce any aspects of its operations that can negatively influence the environment.
 “The ISO 14001 environmental accreditation undoubtedly confirms that we are on the right track; we will continue to strengthen our efforts with numerous projects that are so much more than marketing exercises but really set an example and make a difference,” says Michelle Janse van Vuuren, GM: marketing at Canon Consumer Imaging SA.
Looking at the Climate Counts scorecard – compiled by New England-based environmental entity Clean Air-Cool Planet and Stonyfield Farm – it ranked 56 companies chosen for their popular household use among mainstream consumers in North America and Britain, and for leading their respective sectors, from electronics to fast food.
The amount of carbon reduction, for example, counted the most and was worth a possible 56 out of 100 points.