East Africa is a neglected market that is not getting the attention it deserves from global software vendors, according to Jean Moncrieff of Emerge Africa, the master value-added reseller in Africa for leading business process management (BPM) software house Global 360.

Speaking after a series of document management and BPM business seminars held in Kampala, Nairobi and Dar es Salaam in early June, Moncrieff said East Africa was a key growth market on the continent for Emerge Africa and Global 360.
“We’ve maintained a close relationship with our local partner COSEKE for over ten years and we’re excited about the opportunities here. All the regional governments recognise the importance of ICT to growth, increased efficiency and poverty alleviation and we’ve been impressed by the level of interest and support shown by senior government officials.”
Moncrieff said many African institutions, in both the public and the private sectors, were still largely paper-based and there was huge interest in document management systems that could help to reduce the frustrations many citizens faced in dealing with institutions. “COSEKE has already done very successful projects with the revenue authorities in Kenya and Tanzania, for example, as well as the Central Bank of Kenya and CIC Insurance, one of the largest insurers in Kenya.”
“We were surprised and very impressed by the level of interest we discovered and the attendance at the seminars,” added Moncrieff. “There’s a palpable commitment throughout the region to making the East African hub work.  It was an exciting and encouraging visit and we look forward to doing a lot more work in the region.”