Westcon SA has introduced two new Symbol scanners, which are designed to deliver comfort to the user in tough conditions while proving for easy integration with enterprise architecture and applications. The devices are available immediately.

The Symbol P360 and P460 bar code scanners are ergonomically designed devices that allow operators to comfortably collect data in harsh environments, delivering the flexibility to allow the user to freely move about while scanning. The P360 is specifically designed for demanding environments characterised by dust and moisture, while the P460 is suitable for less extreme conditions such as the retail industry.
These devices feature forward-scanning pistol grips and allow both automatic scanning and keyed data entry for entering inventory quantities and verifying scan data. The P360 has achieved an IP54-rating (an Ingress Protection standard for resistance) which keeps dust, temperature and moisture from affecting performance, while the 6-foot cable provides the required reach to handle scanning of large or unevenly-sized goods. This contributes to increased efficiencies in the warehouse, manufacturing facility, factory floor or retail store.
Combining a keypad and display screen with mobility, the P360 and P460 allow employees to confirm barcode data at the warehouse shelf or storefront and reduce time spent back at a PC re-checking data. In cabled mode, the devices offer real time data integration with back-end applications; when mobile, the devices make use of a 4 or 8MB memory for batch creation capability.
The P360 and P460 offer easy system integration along with a programmable architecture that extends functionality beyond basic bar code scanners. Both the devices support the 123Scan setup utility software, a Microsoft Windows-based program that reduces start-up time and costs for putting these scanners to work.
A free utility supplied with the devices, 123Scan enables configuration of communication settings and the enablement or disablement of symbologies. It also assists in generating advanced data formatting (ADF) rules to allow bar code data to be modified by the scanner before it is sent to the host application. The P360 and P460 scanners can be programmed via PC download or by scanning bar codes generated by the utility.
The P360 is suited for extreme environments, making it ideal for warehouse, yard or loading dock applications while the P460 delivers the identical data capture functionality for in-store uses like gift registry, POS scanning, inventory counts and price verification.