Nortel is fundamentally changing the way enterprises conduct business with the introduction of UC 1-2-3, a global program providing ready-to-use solutions that simplify the transition to Unified Communications (UC).

Nortel’s UC solutions provide simple and reliable ways for enterprises to converge VoIP, video and data services that help streamline communication processes and allow workers to be more productive and responsive in real-time.
The UC 1-2-3 program will help businesses cope with the challenges of Hyperconnectivity, a new era in communications where anything that can be connected to the network will be connected encompassing person-to-person, person-to-machine and machine-to-machine communication.
Nortel is enabling enterprises to prepare for, and leverage, the emerging trend of Hyperconnectivity through the UC 1-2-3 program that simplifies communication among multiple people and devices.
“Nortel is launching UC 1-2-3 to help our customers turn the challenges of Hyperconnectivity into an opportunity,” said Steve Slattery, president, Enterprise Solutions, Nortel.
“The average employee gets more than 50 messages every day on up to seven different devices or applications. The UC 1-2-3 program helps customers accelerate the transformation of their enterprise as they integrate the proliferation of devices and applications across the network, turning the communications chaos associated with Hyperconnectivity into a real business advantage.”
UC 1-2-3 streamlines the process of selecting, purchasing and deploying a UC solution with pre-engineered, pre-configured packages and enhanced sales tools that simplify the quoting and ordering process. These packages combine Nortel’s latest release of its flagship VoIP system, the Communication Server 1000, with its Business Optimised Networking data products and select Multimedia Applications.
Nortel is differentiating itself and delivering a simple, seamless customer experience by integrating its UC solution with the world’s leading desktop applications and environments. Businesses can select bundles to launch a full range of UC services or deploy them in phased stages to meet networking and budgetary needs.
Additionally, businesses can leverage technical and consulting services from the Nortel Global Services portfolio to smooth the transition to UC and to provide ongoing support for a cost-effective, highly reliable converged network.
UC solutions can provide up to 75% savings in communications costs for mobile workforces.
VoIP is the underlying technology that allows for a smooth transition to UC and Nortel’s customers are finding that VoIP solutions provide immediate value and cost advantages. For the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), a Nortel VoIP solution is reducing costs, improving safety and enhancing operations with seamless communication among its headquarters and six engineering regions.
A core component of UC 1-2-3 is Nortel’s robust application portfolio. excelleRx Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Omnicare, Inc. and a leader in pharmaceutical care for the hospice industry along with its subsidiary company Hospice Pharmacia, relies on a Nortel Virtual Contact Center and its industry leading CS1000 VoIP solution to offer advanced medication management services and support for more than 8,500 incoming calls daily.
“Managing the requests of thousands of nurses, physicians and patients on a daily basis is an incredibly complex task,” said Steve Lemak, vice president, IT, excelleRx. “Nortel’s contact center solution allows us to streamline our business by implementing interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition software that significantly streamline our call management to improve operating costs and worker efficiency.”