Moores Rowland, an accounting and business services organisation with offices across South Africa, had adopted Mimecast to help increase the effectiveness and efficiency of how the group’s e-mail is managed.

“To us as a professional organisation, e-mails are mission critical and we had a major issue with them,” comments Glenn Hurlow, Group IT Manager for Moores Rowland. “We were maintaining extensive lists of blocked content and file types, ensuring virus pattern files were updated and monitoring mailboxes for abuse of company policies and despite these laborious measures, large amounts of spam were still getting through to our organisation.
“In addition, the IT Department had to constantly retrieve legitimate attachments that had fallen foul of our content scanning engines and were subsequently rejected,” continued Hurlow. “One of our associate firms in France added to the problem by sending out large amounts of bilingual e-mail that had the non-French speaking content scanners blocking the mail.
“Following the very rapid and successful implementation of Mimecast, our anti-spam measures have been simplified since the Mimecast reputation based scanning system allows users to receive e-mail and attachments intact. In addition, the IT department’s time has been optimised by the elimination of unnecessary retrievals of blocked mail items. Spam has become a thing of the past and employee abuse drastically reduced.
"This has resulted in increased productivity and maximised bandwidth usage,” concludes Hurlow. “In addition, we have benefited from a Return on Investment from the installation of Mimecast that we didn’t even contemplate.”
Garth Wittles, MD of Mimecast SA, adds: “Moores Rowland has had similar experiences to other delighted Mimecast customers. Customers who purchased Mimecast to solve their e-mail hygiene problems also experienced other unexpected benefits such as e-mail compliance, continuity and/or availability and generally, a much simpler overall e-mail management scenario. In addition, the storage on-demand facility removes any further purchasing decisions and complexity, thus, problem solved.”