iBurst has extended R49.00 per month wireless broadband offering until the end of the year. 

The Play Special 40MB package offers speeds of up to one megabyte per second as well as unrestricted VoIP and Data Carry Over.
“This particular package has resulted in literally thousands of calls to iBurst since its inception in May 2007,” says Thami Mtshali, CEO of iBurst.
Subscribers have the option of including a laptop modem or USB modem for a total subscription fee of R69.00 per month or a desktop modem for a total subscription fee of R89.00 per month.
“Play Special is about getting people on to the first rung of the broadband ladder,” says Mtshali.
Play Special includes a free mailbox with five aliases and a 10MB limit and a free fax2email service. Anti-virus and anti-spam protection is provided free of charge on all iBurst mailboxes.
iBurst’s data top-up product, Bandwidth Booster, can be purchased by Play Special subscribers should they reach their monthly data allocation of 40Mb. They will be able to buy 100Mbof out-of-bundle data for R89.00, 500Mb of out-of-bundle data for R189.00 and 1 000Mb of out-of-bundle data for R249.00.
Play Special subscribers selecting the R49.00 per month no-modem option will be subscribed to a month-to-month contract, subscribers selecting the R69.00 per month laptop or USB modem option will be subscribed to a 24-month contact as will subscribers selecting the R89.00 per month desktop modem option.