Web 2.0 innovations, the commercialisation of user interaction techniques and mobile technologies and applications are among the more important emerging technologies. 

According to Gartner’s hype-cycle report, "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies, 2007", of the 36 key emerging technologies examined in this year’s hype cycle, 10 have been designated as having a transformational business impact and should be strongly considered for adoption by technology planners in the next ten years.
“Web 2.0 continues to be a major area of activity in the enterprise this year. We will see companies steadily gain more experience and success with Web 2.0,” says Jackie Fenn, Gartner research fellow. “We are also seeing radical user interface innovations, such as gesture recognition, from major vendors like Nintendo and Microsoft, while mobile technologies and location services remain a staple topic for evaluation within emerging technology roles.”
The three key technology themes identified by Gartner are:
* Web 2.0: The community, technology and business innovations of the web continue to evolve. Specific approaches and technologies have progressed since last year's edition, including wikis, mashups, enterprise RSS, social network analysis and collective intelligence. The product and platform underpinnings have been more tightly defined in the 2007 hype cycle, with entries for web platforms and Web 2.0 workplace technologies.
* User Interfaces: After many years of stagnation, a number of emerging user interface technologies are entering serious commercialisation, including electronic paper (for mobile devices and signage), gesture recognition (as incorporated in the Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Surface) and virtual environments/virtual worlds (such as Second Life). Other interface technologies, such as ambient and glanceable displays, are still being used experimentally to establish their role and utility.
* Mobile: Mobile and wireless technologies, devices, and services continue to be an active area for emerging technology groups. Areas such as RFID, sensor networks, and location-aware technologies and applications continue to mature slowly, but still offer both near-term and long-term promise as high-impact technologies.
The emerging technologies hype cycle focuses on strategic technology and innovation function within IT. It is the broadest aggregate of Gartner’s hype cycles, highlighting emerging technologies from all areas of IT that technology planners should evaluate as part of their emerging-technology plans.