SPI, a South African-based provider of software utility products, has announced the latest release, version 4, of its locally-developed PowerDesk software.

PowerDesk is a suite of monitoring, management, recovery and security software designed for use in mission critical Unix/Linux systems to ensure that system integrity and security is maintained and that operability and availability services levels are met.
PowerDesk is an innovative and modular system that reduces the workload of the system administrator and help desk through the automation of routine tasks and easy-to-use procedures. Operational issues are dealt with proactively thus enhancing systems management and control. Using PowerDesk within a Unix/Linux system is fully transparent to the system, applications and users.
The five modules of PowerDesk are the Delegator Module, Access Control Module, Password Control Module, Systems Monitor Module and Remove Module.
“The latest version of PowerDesk focuses particularly on enhancing the software from an ‘ease-of–use’ perspective, from a GUI perspective and in the way that reporting structures are handled,” says Gil Bauman, technical director of SPI. “Initial reactions from our client base have already been positive and this latest version of the software was exhibited at LinuxWorld in Toronto a few weeks ago.”
PowerDesk was developed by SPI in its Cape Town office and already has a large base of local users.