BenQ’s latest offering in its range of digital projectors, the MP721, offers good colour matching, brightness and contrast.
When accurate colour rendition is critical to your message, the MP721’s matching technology displays colours in their purest form, as precise as when you first created your presentation.

A powerful 2500-lumen lamp ensures that even small text and detailed graphics will be clearly visible, regardless of the lighting conditions. Even with overhead lights on, your audience can enjoy a presentation that looks crisp and pleasurable.
The MP721’s ultra-high 2000:1 contrast ratio enhances every colour and visual intricacy within your presentation slides, and even when similar colours are used, text and other visual elements stand tall and proud.
The MP721 not only gives picture-perfect presentations, it doesn't force you to jump through hoops to do it. The variety of picture modes allow you to quickly adjust display quality to suit any application, and a Control Key Lock helps you avoid annoying glitches during your presentation through pressing the wrong buttons at inopportune moments.
With features such as Helpful Alerts, On Screen Timer, wireless connectivity through LinkPro, Auto Shutdown and various other customisation options, BenQ’s MP721 offers you the cutting edge when it comes down to outstanding presentations.