The much-publicised launch of South African Revenue Service (SARS) eFiling system, which was supposed to go live yesterday, has been delayed – probably by a week. 

Users going into the SARS efiling site encountered the following message: "Please note that SARS eFiling is currently available to a targeted group of taxpayers in order to check their experience of the facility. Later today it will open to a larger pool of tax payers to test the robustness of the facility thereafter it will be available to all taxpayers who want to file electronically.
"This phased approach is adopted to ensure quality of experience and service to SARS e-filers."
The message is dated 6 August 2007, but at the time of going to press (18h45 on 6 August) was still unchanged.
According to a report on News24, some teething problems were experienced when the service was opened to a targeted group or users and SARS opted to delay the launch.
The tax authority told News24 that it would do more work and more tests on the system to eradicate problems that had been encountered before opening its up for wider use.
The normal eFiling facilities for companies, including VAT and PAYE, is unaffected and will continue as normal, as will the ability to download and complete IT12S and IT12C forms.