The fake Steve Jobs has been revealed as Daniel Lyons, senior editor of Forbes Magazine. 

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs, a satire that was supposed to be written by the head of Apple, has been running for the last 14 months, with the real identity of its author a closely-guarded secret.
The popularity of the blog, which pokes fun at leading lights associated with the IT industry, can be seen in the fact that Fake Steve Jobs actually made it into Business 2.0's list of "The 50 who Matter Now".
Lyons was unmasked by New York Times reporter Brad Stone.
During the last six months, there have been a number of attempts to discover Fake Steve Jobs' identity, including some hacking
Lyon's cover was blown because he is soon to publish a satirical novel "Options: The Secret Life of Steve Jobs, a Parody" based on the blog, which will now become a feature on