LG’s new Full HD TV range – comprising of the LB7 series LCD TVs and the PY3 series plasma – all deliver natural-looking and incredibly lifelike images with resolutions of 1920 x 1080p.

“These Full HD TV models reflect LG’s global leadership as a developer of advanced flat panel displays and digital HDTV technologies,” says HB Lim, Digital Display Product Manager at LG Electronics in South Africa. “The TVs have twice the resolution of previous HD TVs and are packed with features. The image quality is so clear, it is like looking through a window – but these windows have won design awards from iF and red dot.”
The LG Full HD TV range allows viewers to truly feel the experience, whether they are watching their favourite TV shows, sport matches or the latest blockbuster. To accompany the first-class technology and picture quality, the range is accented with a wave-inspired design that gives it a simple yet elegant look.
All models use LG’s proprietary XD Engine image enhancing technology, allowing them to display video from Full HD 1080p sources at their native resolution without scaling or loss of quality. The Full HD LCD TV, LG’s flagship model, has a 5000:1 contrast ratio and a response time under eight milliseconds.
LG’s Full HD LCD TVs are optimised for movie viewing: LG’s Full HD processing takes low-resolution analog signals to near high-definition levels (1080p), and also reproduces crisp images by displaying the original pictures without blurring or distortion.
Intelligent Eye technology optimises brightness and contrast, accounting for ambient light; and LG’s proprietary Dimple Speaker design provides clear and powerful sound at any volume, creating a complete movie watching experience.
Available in 42-inch and 47-inch sizes, the minimalist LB7 Full HD LCD TVs feature LG’s new wave bar design at the bottom of the frame. The modern design and matte finish ensure that the images on screen remain the focus, with no gaudy distractions. The LCD models offer True Viewing Angle technology, which minimises colour distortion and provides stable and accurately represented images from all angles.
LG’s Full HD Plasma is a dream come true for action movie lovers or sports buffs. The PY3 (60-inch) Full HD plasma include LG’s 100Hz Driving technology. This ultra-high refresh rate ensures that every single frame of fast moving programmes can be viewed clearly. Making these TVs more attractive is their depth of only 450mm and touch screen control panel.
LG SimpLink connectivity gives users complete control over compatible equipment such as DVD players and home theatres with a single remote control. All of these models include two HDMI ports for maximum connectivity with game consoles, and digital video cameras.