Symantec has unveiled a major release of the Veritas CommandCentral 5.0 product family, a key component of the company’s Storage United initiative to help enterprises address their most pressing storage challenges with a unified, software-oriented approach.

Veritas CommandCentral 5.0 provides industry-leading scalability and reliability coupled with the breadth of heterogeneous support demanded by large enterprise data centres around the globe.
The Veritas CommandCentral 5.0 family includes Veritas CommandCentral Storage 5.0, Veritas CommandCentral Enterprise Reporter 5.0 and Veritas Process Automation Manager 5.0. With the release of this integrated solution set, Veritas CommandCentral becomes the only comprehensive storage resource management (SRM) solution in the market to optimise storage utilisation, automate storage processes and align storage with business goals.
Veritas CommandCentral provides end-to-end visibility in both virtualised server and storage environments. New in the latest release is advanced support for VMware, HDS TagmaStore and IBM SAN Volume Controller. This advanced support gives IT organisations the ability to effectively manage storage capacity at an application level in virtual environments, which hasn’t been possible until now.
Average storage utilisation rates across data centres are disconcertingly low, typically hovering at 30% to 40%, according to Symantec research. CommandCentral Storage 5.0 analyses end-to-end storage consumption in both physical and virtual heterogeneous environments, identifies storage that can be reclaimed and enables organisations to increase storage utilisation levels by up to 40 percentage points.
“By driving up utilisation and providing organisations with flexibility and choice of storage hardware, CommandCentral Storage helps customers reduce their storage spend. This includes data centre space, power and cooling costs, which are scarce resources and an increasing percentage of the IT budget,” says Sheldon Hand, storage specialist for Africa at Symantec.
Many organisations do not fully understand how storage assets are being used by business applications and consequently cannot make informed decisions about storage budget expenditures. CommandCentral Storage 5.0 and Enterprise Reporter tighten this relationship by delivering global business-level reporting capabilities that provide executives with easily customisable reports containing the business insight they require and on demand answers to global storage infrastructure questions.
Enterprise Reporter includes a global view of storage with the ability to roll up information from multiple data centres into a single comprehensive view – organised by lines of business, geography or other customised views.
“Few environments have tools that enable them to consistently view, report on, and manage their storage environments. As storage growth continues and challenges mount, firms will have no choice but to take a more proactive approach,” writes Andrew Reichman, Analyst, Forrester in “SRM is Knocking; Open The Door”, May 2007.
“Veritas CommandCentral Storage from Symantec is one of the most comprehensive and robust SRM tools on the market targeted for large complex storage environments.”
Storage administrators are struggling to ensure uptime and maintain service levels in an ever expanding and complex storage environment.
“With Veritas Process Automation Manager 5.0, Symantec introduces a comprehensive IT process automation platform that helps storage teams cope with this challenge," asys Hand. "This solution enables standardisation of storage management processes, implementation of consistent operational policies and automation of these processes. With Process Automation Manager, organisations can improve efficiency of storage operations, reduce time to provision storage and effectively manage service levels."
The new 5.0 release extends CommandCentral Storage’s leadership in scalability by supporting over 3,000 servers, 6 petabytes of storage capacity, and 12,000 switch ports with a single management server. This level of scale enables CommandCentral Storage to provide data centre wide storage management.
Fully compliant with the industry standard SMI-S 1.1 specification and deeply integrated through multi-vendor API agreements, the 5.0 release of CommandCentral Storage adds support for 3PAR, Fujitsu, HP EVA, IBM DS4x00 arrays and NetApp iSCSI devices enabling comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and active management across a heterogeneous infrastructure.
CommandCentral Storage also provides management and reporting of local and remote replication for high availability and disaster recovery architectures. Extending its current support for EMC TimeFinder, it now also supports EMC’s Symmetrix Remote Data Facility (SRDF); Clariion SnapShot, MirrorView and Snapview; NetApp SnapMirror; and HDS Shadow Image replication solutions.
“IT organisations need to have visibility and control over their heterogeneous storage infrastructure in order to deliver storage services to the business,” said Hand. “CommandCentral Storage 5.0 is the only SRM solution that scales across the data centre and supports everything in the data centre, providing a solution that is ready for the largest and most demanding organisations.
"With the combination of storage resource management, storage process management and enterprise reporting, CommandCentral Storage 5.0 enables organisations to optimise their storage assets, improve storage processes and deliver storage services to the business.”