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IndigoCube, South Africa’s software lifecycle specialist, has signed a partnership agreement with US-based B2T Training. The partnership gives IndigoCube access to B2T’s extensive business analysis training material.

“B2T specialises in training business analysts. Its executives have been involved  in establishing, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), as well as preparing the IIBA’s body of knowledge,” says Ziaan Hattingh, MD of IndigoCube. “One of its executives is the past vice president of the North American Chapters of the IIBA.”
IndigoCube, formed by a core of industry veterans, provides solutions that enable large organisations to improve the quality and reliability of their software development processes.
It also offers more than 60 instructor-led training and development courses focused on enhancing  the full lifecycle of software development skills that are relevant, practical and up to date with the latest industry thought leadership standards.
“Our course material is sourced from strategic partners and represents the very best the world has to offer in each category,” says Hattingh.
B2T Training offers comprehensive business analyst training and a business analyst certification programme. Its training programme focuses on the roles and responsibilities of a business analyst, including all aspects of business requirements analysis.
These include performing requirements elicitation, analysis, and documentation. Business analysts serve as a liaison between business people and technology people. Successful business analysts facilitate a series of processes to accurately elicit and relay the requirements of a business process to ensure that the technology team builds a software system that will effectively meet the needs of the business people.
Consequently, B2T’s programme focuses on bridging the gap between these two types by equipping business analysts with a thorough knowledge of the diverse and broad skills that are required to be effective.
“B2T’s certification consists of three core courses, that are attended consecutively. These courses  begin by covering essential business analysis skills and building on each to teach students how to create a complete business requirements document, including detailed data, process and business rule requirements,” says Hattingh. “IndigoCube also offers advanced and specialised business analysis courses from B2T Training and our other strategic partners.”
After completing each of the core B2T Training courses, the student can sit an online exam to ensure they have fully grasped the concepts taught on these courses. After passing all three of the core course exams, the student can sit the final certification exam.
This exam consist of a eight-hour practical exam as well an online exam, both of which are based on the case study. Students have two attempts to pass before they must restart the exercise. This final exam ensures the graduates have demonstrated their ability as a business analyst and not just their ability to learn theory. They need a minimum number of years’ experience before they are allowed to be fully B2T Training “BA Certified”.
“One of the key ingredients in developing people’s abilities is practical application and that’s one of the differentiators of this course,” adds Hattingh. “This certification has been in existence for longer than the IIBA, and has the benefit of testing practical ability.
The courses are IIBA Endorsed. This means the courses cover subjects which form part of the IIBA Body of Knowledge. Students are gaining the knowledge they will require to sit the IIBA certification.
“This process doesn’t just adequately prepare people to sit and pass the IIBA certification programme; it equips them to deal with the practical realities of their own and the general business environment.”