Informatica, a data integration software company, has announced Informatica On Demand Data Replicator, the first multi-tenant, on-demand software for cross-enterprise data integration.

In the past, businesses had no simple solution to integrate data held off-premise in a software-as-a-service (SaaS) application with the data held in on-premise application software.
“With data fragmented between internal systems and externally hosted systems, data integration is becoming increasingly demanding,” says Paul van Aswegen, GM of Informatica South Africa.
Informatica On Demand Data Replicator enables organisations to productively and securely replicate the corporate data and data schema to an on-premise database – without installing any in-house data integration software. This streamlines the integration process, and gives customers a new opportunity to gain business value from their integrated information assets.
It allows organisations to rapidly and cost-effectively replicate their off-premise data to ensure all the transactional and master data is available on-premise as needed. Finally, users can more fully use SaaS solutions without compromising data access or data integration.
“Integration of data is vital for organisations wanting to benefit from this modern era of innovation and creativity. Organisations and their customers can use this software approach to manage, share, and replicate their business information and data on demand,” says Van Aswegen.