Metastorm, a leading provider of business process management (BPM) software, has acquired Proforma, the leading provider of enterprise modelling solutions for enterprise architecture (EA) and business process analysis (BPA).

The combined company will deliver an integrated enterprise software platform that unifies business strategy and architecture, process analysis and optimisation, and managed human- and system-centric process execution.
Metastorm will address the complete spectrum of activities required to achieve enterprise alignment, optimise execution across the business process value chain and help organisations gain a sustainable strategic advantage through true enterprise visibility and continuous improvement.
"Through this acquisition, Metastorm moves beyond today's business process management suite (BPMS) definition and charts a new course for enterprise effectiveness through increased collaboration, agility, and understanding," says Derek Hughes, director of DVT, South African Metastorm Alliance Partner.
"Organisations today are striving to improve performance through EA, BPA and BPM initiatives. The synergies, interdependencies, and potential value of these three disciplines are immense, and now is the right time for Proforma and Metastorm to join forces and deliver an integrated software platform.
"Metastorm has always focused on delivering innovative solutions that allow organisations to achieve strategic and competitive advantage across key business activities and processes. With the convergence of these disciplines, Metastorm sets the stage for the next generation enterprise software platform."
Metastorm Enterprise – the new software platform – allows customers to establish a unified enterprise model which can be leveraged to inspire collaboration, guide improvement and innovation, and enable the alignment of strategy, analysis and execution for optimal business performance throughout the enterprise.
The result is unprecedented visibility into the impact of decisions at all levels, the opportunities available to the organisation as a whole, and the ability to accelerate the execution of decisions and actions with less risk and increased confidence of success. Metastorm Enterprise will address the three critical challenges facing organisations today:
* Understanding the underlying dynamics of the organisation, collaborating to ensure the pieces fit together, and creating agility within the context of overall enterprise strategy and architecture;
* Mapping out an end state that maximises the effectiveness of key business processes, intertwined with other enterprise assets, to achieve strategic objectives; and
* Executing optimised, effective business processes with cross-functional transparency and the flexibility to adapt and implement new ideas quickly.
"Linkage to the workflow assembly and orchestration engines and business activity monitoring (BAM) tools is driving BPA into the mainstream for BP improvement initiatives," says Michael Blechar, VP at Gartner in his June 2007 report titled Magic Quadrant for Business Process Analysis Tools, 2H07-1H08.
"Understanding complex business processes is a significant challenge. The assistance of a tool with visualisation and other features – such as simulation and activity-based costing (ABC) – helps to optimise business processes and realise BPM cost and time savings.
"BPA tools help define the business architecture portion of the enterprise architecture. Many BPA tools can also be used by technical, application and data architects to define the technical and information architectures. And, because most BPA tools have a shared repository for these models, it is possible to do change impact analysis across organisations and roles based on the inter-relationships of their models."
Proforma is known for delivering a balanced solution that meets the needs of multiple modelling roles in an organisation. It delivers a robust knowledge base of reference models based on published standards, industry expertise and practical experience.
Proforma has one of the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the EA and BPA markets as it is easy to use, bridges the gap between IT architects and business users, and provides a proven set of repeatable best practice frameworks.
"Proforma has built a strong market presence based on its ability to deliver powerful enterprise architecture, modeling and analysis capabilities that are also intuitive and usable by multiple people within an organisation – from architects to business analysts to Six Sigma Blackbelts," says Ron Pellegrino, president and CEO of Proforma.
"We have had a long-standing vision of completing the business optimisation cycle by combining our strategy and analysis tools with rich process deployment and execution capabilities.
"We have collaborated with Metastorm at mutual customers seeking both enterprise modelling and process execution and have witnessed the increased sense of urgency to unify these technologies. By joining forces now, we will be the first to deliver this unification."
The Metastorm Enterprise portfolio is a set of integrated offerings that enable visibility across the enterprise and close the gaps between enterprise strategy and architecture, analysis, and execution. It includes:
* Metastorm ProVisionEA: A complete solution for enterprise architecture and organisational context – allowing customers to translate business strategy and operational objectives into effective enterprise change through models that describe enterprise assets, relationships and future state.
* Metastorm ProVisionBPA: A robust suite for business process analysis that enables architects and analysts to document, analyse and streamline complex processes using sophisticated modelling, simulation, Six Sigma and other optimisation methods.
* Metastorm BPM: A complete business process management suite for roundtrip process lifecycle management – including design, automation, analysis, and monitoring of an organisation's human- and system-centric activities and processes.
Each product has been recognised by industry analysts as a leading solution in its respective market based on the ability to meet a complete set of complex business and IT requirements.
Metastorm will offer each solution independently or as an integrated Metastorm Enterprise platform based on an evolving common meta-model and set of shared services.
Metastorm will continue to leverage the ProVision Common Interchange Format (CIF) interface and other industry interoperability standards to enable integration with existing IT investments in applications, legacy systems, and other technologies and to give customers the flexibility to leverage any Metastorm product with third-party software and technologies of choice.